What Our Students Say

"Thanks so much for your help with my act. I love the way you encourage us newbies to just get up there and do our thing. And thanks for being my hype girl!" – Pixie Trix

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"When I went out on tour I was completely lost as to what to do for a troupe dance routine. I wanted something cute and simple. I am not a dancer and I hate choreography. I went to Coco for some help. And am I ever glad I did. She was so professional and knew exactly what I wanted. She custom tailored a routine to fit our show and though it was simple enough even for me, it looked fantastic and truly intricate without being overly complicated. All in all she saved my life." - Miss Mitzy Cream

"Coco inspires such hope inside of me, and it ignites my passion to dance. She makes me realize I really CAN go as far as I want with dance, as long as I commit the dedication and determination necessary. After my classes, I immediately go home and continue dancing. " - Kristi

"As a burlesque performer and dance choreographer coming up with new acts is always exciting but can be creatively challenging. Sometimes even seasoned dancers tend to rely on the same moves because they feel comfortable and safe. This is where an outside eye comes in handy. I knew I wanted to use fans in my newest "Supernatural" number but I wanted to use them in a new and unique way. I had the dance part down but I had really not worked extensively with fans before, so there was a lot of work to be done.

The first person I thought of to help me was Coco Framboise. She totally understood the image and tone I wanted to set for the new act and she helped me realize my vision. I've received nothing but compliments on my fan work and the act always gets a big response. I have been so pleased with everything from the concept through to the performance, and Coco helped make it a showstopper!" - Miss Honey B. Hind

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