Festival Events

Coco has titillated audiences around the globe from Europe and the UK, across North America, and Australia. Here are just a few scenes from her world tour adventures at various international festivals -- including the Burlesque Hall of Fame in Las Vegas!

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Corporate Events

Coco has created high class, decadent spectacles for a diverse range of corporate clients including The Toronto International Film Festival, Volvo Canada, and more. Cheeky additions to our shows are Coco’s Bonbons, an enticing ensemble of support dancers who perform choreography inspired by Golden Age Hollywood. Here is a glimpse at a few of our past events.

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Signature Shows

Coco is known around the world for her outsized stage presence, large signature props, and custom costuming sparkling with Swarovski crystals. Some of her most requested acts include a giant candy apple, a lavish peacock train, a giant telephone and address book set, the city’s largest ostrich boa fans, and so much more. Have are some of Coco’s favourites.

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Coco has been invited as a special guest expert on numerous TV shows from MTV Canada, CTV, SexTV, SLICE and beyond. She has also appeared in documentaries and music videos. Here’s a peek at a few highlights.

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Photo Shoots

Coco is delighted to have worked with a number of noted photographers including L.A. pin up guru Danielle Bedics (Dita Von Teese book “Art of the Teese”), gifted Montreal luminary Andrea Hausmann, and many more. Here’s a look!

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